Why people trust The Hot Air Balloon Company

Between them, our team have nearly 100 years of experience in ballooning. We have well-qualified and experienced pilots on all flights, but there’s a lot more to flying safely than just the pilot. We use state-of-the art new equipment – innovative baskets that not only add new experiences like glass-bottoms or dining seats but also feature the latest safety features.

We put a lot of effort into weather planning and ground support and make sure that you’re ready and fully briefed for each flight.

Being uncompromising about safety means that everyone can fly with confidence, knowing that everyone from the pilot to the equipment to the planning, ground support and procedures have been taken care of. 

Your confidence and comfort is incredibly important to us, so if you’re a nervous flyer or just want to know more about our procedures, just get in touch and we’ll take you through everything we do to make your flight a success.

British balloon and Airship club